Leveraging Philanthropy and Collaboration

The Lodestar Foundation seeks to expand the overall capacity of the social sector by promoting philanthropy, volunteering, public service, nonprofit collaboration and other business practices.

National Summit for Democracy Convening

In January 2018, Stand Up Ideas, Inc. invited 100 of the most influential civic leaders from non-profit, government, media and academic institutions to gather in Washington D.C. The purpose was to convene the nation’s leading civic organizations working to defend democratic norms, ideals and institutions. The goals of the summit were to 1) strengthen the network of leading individuals and organizations dedicated to defending democracy in America through, for example, protecting our independent press, a democratic process free from significant foreign influence, and adherence to the Constitution; 2) drive increased public urgency and awareness of the importance of active democracy promotion; and 3) share knowledge and resources among the network and identify opportunities for collaboration and a lasting coalition. Future convenings will be held to strengthen individual efforts and form collaborations for Congressional outreach, public letters, media and events. Two separate grants from The Lodestar Foundation funded the facilitator costs for the summit, and helped support the event and network for one year following the initial event.

Grant Information

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Stand Up Ideas
DC - District Of Columbia