Leveraging Philanthropy and Collaboration

The Lodestar Foundation seeks to expand the overall capacity of the social sector by promoting philanthropy, volunteering, public service, nonprofit collaboration and other business practices.

International Philanthropy-Building Network

Although like-minded nonprofits may recognize the value of creating an umbrella organization to help sustain and support their common activities, they often don’t have the necessary resources to do so. Social Venture Partners International (SVPI) was formed to brand, support, expand and enhance the work of the individual Social Venture Partner groups around the world. A series of Lodestar Foundation grants have supported annual SVPI conferences in both local communities and internationally, the development and standardization of the SVPI brand and an evaluation of the effectiveness of the SVP model, the results of which are being used by the SVP network members (currently in the US, Australia, Canada, China, India and Japan) to increase effectiveness and demonstrate the impact of the model on their respective communities.

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Social Venture Partners International